Rimfire Ammo for sale online



Rimfire Ammo for sale online

CCI 17 HMR FMJ Rimfire Ammo – .17 Remington – 20 Grain

Rimfire Ammo for sale online – The non-expanding bullets used in CCI® 17 HMR FMJ Rimfire Ammo makes it exceptionally useful ammunition for small game hunting where minimum meat damage is desired; as well as for taking furbearers with precise shot placement. This is extremely accurate and flat-shooting rimfire ammo, shooting a 20-grain bullet at 2375 fps. CCI’s tight quality control during manufacturing eliminates any variables that cause inconsistencies, resulting in reliable ignition, and consistent accuracy from one box to the next.

  • Non-expanding FMJ bullet
  • Minimum meat and pelt damage
  • Flat trajectory and superb accuracy
  • Highly reliable hunting ammunition


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