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Top 10 sniper guns

This article will tell you everything you need to know about Top 10 sniper guns. Sniper rifles are made to shoot targets from a long distance. They are an important part of the military defence of every country. But what are the world’s top 10 best sniper rifles? Let’s find out.

  1. Barrett M82 Barrett

The M82 is a sniper rifle that can shoot through materials. It was made in the United States in 1989. The Barrett M82 is mostly made to be a weapon that can hurt things. This gun was made to destroy sensitive enemy equipment from far away, which used to require rocket launchers, recoilless rifles, anti-tank missiles, mortars, or even artillery.

50 BMG shells are strong enough to completely cut off enemies’ limbs and smash their brains. In addition, it can make small holes in light-armoured vehicles. This gun has a one-of-a-kind device to reduce recoil. Reports say the muzzle brake takes up about 70% of the recoil. At the curb, it weighs 12.9 kg. It can be used up to 1800 metres away.

Barrett M82 Barrett

  1. Steyr SSG 69

Austria makes the SSG 69, which is a sniper rifle. At first glance, it looks like a hunting rifle, but it was made to be used as a weapon by the military and law enforcement. This is the main sniper rifle used by the Austrian Armed Forces. Since 1969, it has been used.

This weapon is known for how well it works. It is used by a lot of armed forces all over the world because it is very accurate. The SSG 69 is one of the most-used sniper rifles in the world. It has been used many times in different kinds of military battles. It can be used up to 800 metres away. It weighs 4 kg at the curb.

Steyr SSG 69

  1. Accuracy Magnum International Arctic Warfare

The United Kingdom makes the Arctic Warfare Magnum, a sniper rifle. It is a more powerful version of the Arctic Warfare sniper rifle. It is made to fire Magnum rounds that are bigger and stronger. Muzzle brakes are made to reduce recoil, jump, and flash. They also provide a base for iron sights and suppressors that can be added later.

1996 was the year it came out. It can be used up to 1500 metres away. It is 6.9 kilos in weight. It is used in the Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, and the UK.

Accuracy Magnum International Arctic Warfare

  1. Barrett M95

The Barrett M95 is a bolt-action anti-material sniper rifle made by Barrett Firearms Manufacturing. The goal is to make it better than the Barrett M90 rifle.

At a long distance, the M95 is used to destroy sensitive enemy equipment like parked planes, radar stations, vehicles, and other important assets. 1995 was the year it came out. It can work up to 1800 metres away. It weighs 10.7 kg at the curb. These countries use this weapon: Spain, Argentina, Turkey, Austria, Denmark, Greece, Finland, Italy, Jordan, Georgia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Thailand.

Barrett M95

  1. SAKO TRG 42

The Finnish SAKO TRG 42 is a sniper rifle with a long-range. It is one of the best sniper rifles in the world. It is made better than the SAKO TRG 41 that came before it. In 1999, it was first used. Sniper rifles often have muzzle brakes to cut down on recoil, jump, and flash.

The factory Sako TRG muzzle brakes can be removed and let the air out on the side. At the curb, it weighs 5.3 pounds. It can be used up to 1500 metres away. The Finnish Army is one of the many armies that use this weapon.


  1. M24

The M24 was the first weapon made by the US Army that was made only for sniping. However, the United States Army still uses it as its main sniper rifle. It started being used in 1988. The weight is 5,4 kg. It works at 800 metres, and it also works more than 1000 metres away.

There have been more than 15,000 M24 rifles made. This gun is in Afghanistan, Brazil, Hungary, Iraq, Israel, Georgia, Japan, Lebanon, the Philippines, and the United States. Even though you can’t buy it on the open market, some companies make rifles like the M24 for civilian use.


  1. Blaser Tactical R93

The German sniper rifle R93 Tactical was made by Blaser Jagdwaffen. It is used by police forces and the military all over the world. It weighs 5.4 kilogrammes. The range of effective fire is 800 metres. This gun has 5-round magazines that can be taken off. When the magazine is in place, it is flush with the bottom of the body. As an alternative, you can also get 10-round magazines.

Blaser Tactical R93

  1. International Warfare in the Arctic 50

The AW50 is a British sniper gun that can kill people and things. The Arctic Warfare 50 rifle is for elite police, military groups, and special forces. Since 1999, many countries have used it, but the British special forces have used it the most. 13.5 kg is how much it weighs. It can be used up to 1500 metres away. The AW50 is known for being able to break through armour. It works very well against several different types of military vehicle armour.

International Warfare in the Arctic 50

  1. McMillan TAC-50

The Tac-50, a long-range anti-material sniper rifle, is made by McMillan Brothers Rifles. In 2000, the Canadian Army began to use it. It weighs 11,800 grammes. In Iraq, an unnamed member of the Canadian Joint Task Force 2 used this gun to make the longest sniper kill ever recorded.

The Canadian sniper shot a fighter from a distance of 3,540 metres. Because the rifle is so accurate, people who know how to use it can easily hit their targets. From a long way away, this weapon could damage important enemy assets like parked planes, radar systems, trucks, and a few other key assets.

  1. SIG SSG 3000

In 1992, Germany made the SSG 3000, a sniper rifle. The SSG 3000 is used by law enforcement agencies in Europe and the United States. Many military shooters and special forces units around the world also use it. It can be used up to 900 metres away. It is 5.44 kilogrammes.

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