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How to Dispose Of Unwanted Ammunition

How to Dispose Of Unwanted Ammunition?

Have you ever been lucky enough to acquire an old cache of ammo from a friend or buy ammunition online? It’s possible that you have some unused ammunition lying around the house that you’d want to get rid of or recycle. The following is a list of six different ways to get rid of unneeded or outdated ammunition. You may do your part to safeguard the environment by disposing of your munitions in the appropriate manner.

  1. Deliver the Firearms and Ammunition to the Retailer

You need to get in touch with the vendor directly if you’ve been sent a malfunctioning batch of ammo. Even though “all sales are final” is posted at many businesses, there is no federal law that prevents returning ammo. On the other hand, there are limitations placed on the ability to send dangerous items. Therefore, making the return in person is your best choice among the available options or return the package that you buy ammunition online.

In addition, difficulties with factory ammo might be an indication of a more widespread issue with the whole batch that was made. Making an effort to return recently purchased ammunition to the retailer helps alert manufacturers to any issues with the product.

Ammunition to the Retailer

  1. Get rid of the ammunition with the help of law enforcement.

Another option for getting rid of unneeded ammo is to get in touch with the local fire department or law enforcement agency in your area. According to SAAMI, these resources may offer you with the tools to dispose of ammunition in a manner that is legal on all levels: federal, state, and municipal.

If you decide to get rid of your ammo in this manner, the following are some helpful transfer pointers:

  • You should make prior contact with the station and let them know that you want to give over the ammo.
  • Certain departments will make a personal visit to your house in order to collect any unneeded ammunition.
  • Keep the ammo in a separate location from the weaponry.
  • Please leave any guns and ammo at home while visiting the station.
  1. Bring Ammo To The Range For Disposal

Bringing your ammo to the shooting range in your area that you buy ammunition online is still another option for getting rid of it. Just hand the ammo over to the front desk or the range safety officer, and they will dispose of it properly. Avoid spilling any live cartridges onto the bowling alleys.

Bring Ammo To The Range For Disposal

  1. Recycle Your Ammunition At A Hazardous Materials Building

The majority of landfills and dumps also have a structure or a part of the property that is reserved exclusively for hazardous waste. As a result, you will be able to get rid of your ammo at any of these sites. Make sure the facility is operational and that it takes ammunition if you want to dispose of ammunition in this manner.

Offices dealing with hazardous materials are often only open on certain days of the week. In addition, these establishments are responsible for the processing of a variety of dangerous substances. Therefore, you should speak with a member of the staff to find out where you should turn in your ammo.

  1. Decommission Cartridges Yourself

Personally deactivating cartridges is by far the most convenient method for me to get rid of spent ammunition. I disassemble the component parts by using a tool called a bullet puller. In most cases, I am able to reuse the casing of the cartridge even if the powder or other components of the cartridge have been damaged. The bullet puller are easy to buy ammunition online shops.

On the other hand, I do not advocate using this strategy if you are unsure of yourself or if you feel uneasy near ammunition. In addition, there are certain cartridges that are hopeless, and you need to be able to tell the difference between them and the others.

If, on the other hand, you think that this could be something that interests you, I strongly suggest that you check out the essay that I wrote on reloading since you are an excellent candidate for creating your own ammo.

  1. Donate some ammunition to a friend.

If all other methods of getting rid of ammunition fail, you always have the option of just dumping it on a friend. It is their responsibility to dispose of the ammunition in an appropriate manner, regardless of whether they decide to shoot it, deactivate it themselves, or throw it away.

On the other hand, I strongly advise you to only give ammunition to somebody who is well-versed in both firearms and ammunition. In addition to that, check to see whether they are authorised under the law to carry ammunition.

When Should Ammunition Be Disposed Of?

If you’re on the fence and aren’t sure whether or not it’s time to get rid of your ammunition, the following are some signs that indicate it probably is. In most cases, a cartridge’s inability to function properly is caused by flaws or structural compromises. In addition, ammunition that has been kept in an environment that might affect the functioning of the primer or powder charge has to be thrown away.

  • In the case of the ammunition, there is an excessive amount of apparent corrosion or structural damage (e.g. bad dent or puncture) on the ammo that you buy ammunition online
  • The ammunition may no longer be reliable because the cartridges have been contaminated by oils, lubricants, or solvents.
  • Reliability issues arise while trying to chamber ammunition (e.g. bullet is seated too deep in the case).
  • These cartridges have either been submerged in water or swept away in a flood.
  • Expended ammunition that has been exposed to flames.

Ammunition Disposal Mistakes

Never bury obsolete ammo. Lead from bullets may poison water supplies and damage the ecosystem. The gathering procedure for obsolete ammo might cause it to ignite. Misconception: Ammunition may be soaked in oil, contaminating the gunpowder, and then discarded. This isn’t a dependable way to dispose of waste.

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