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Reasons Why Handgun Ammo is So Hard to Find

Why Handgun Ammo is So Hard to Find?

Many people asking about Why Handgun Ammo is So Hard to Find? Gun shops, sporting goods stores, and online retailers are reporting a lack of ammunition in their aisles. In addition, certainly, politics has a role in the situation, but not to the level that many people assume. What you need to know about why you can’t buy handgun ammo online for your favourite deer hunting rifles and handguns. Americans purchased more than 25.1 million new firearms. The day before Black Friday, 187,584 background checks were done on new gun transactions, and a total of 687,788 background checks were conducted in the six days preceding up to the day before Black Friday. These are the two statistics from this blog that you should remember if you remember nothing else: In 2021, there will be more than 8 million new gun owners, and more than 34 million new guns will be purchased.

Allow me to preface this blog post by stating that all of the information contained herein does not represent my personal opinions. They are unvarnished realities that I’ve learned from the hard-working men and women that I’ve met throughout the course of my 27-year career in the shooting, hunting, and outdoor commerce industries. One thing I can say with complete confidence is that this “ammo pandemic” is a simple and readily cured disease.

Handgun Ammo

Only a few options

Many people in the United States may assume that there are a large number of ammunition manufacturers and firms from which to pick. However, what the majority of people are unaware of is that the same two corporations own all of these businesses: Olin Corporation and Vista Outdoor.

“Corporations and private equity companies are consolidating the small arms ammunition industry, which is harming businesses, customers, and employees.” And it’s resulting in a severe scarcity at a time when demand for ammunition is increasing and also to buy handgun ammo online is more easy. “It seems that the situation will worsen, not only in the commercial shooting sector, but also in the most important area: our national security,” says Ekman

  1. The handgun ammo users

“It is not just hunters and sportsmen who benefit from ammunition monopolies; they also benefit the government and law enforcement, notably the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, the Secret Service, and the FBI.” Because of a reduction in public capacity, when the military or police want ammunition, they must turn to these companies. Because of this, monopolisation in this market may result in increased government expenses, and shortages can create difficulties with training, readiness, safety, and mission completion,” says the author.

handgun ammo users

  1. Scalping peculation

Yes, there will be a new crop of entrepreneurs in this country as a result of the perceived demand for their products. It’s happened before, with riots over Cabbage Patch dolls in the 1980s, Black Friday sales in the 1990s, and even deer hunting property sales in the early 2000s, to name a few examples. If there is a lot of demand for anything, someone will be there to snag up whatever inventory they can get their hands on, substantially increase the pricing, and resell it for a healthy profit.

  1. Unrest in the Civil servant rest.

The political atmosphere we’ve seen over the course of this last election is undeniable, and the shift in power has many millions of people throughout the country anxious about further loss of their constitutional right to keep and bear weapons under the Second Amendment. Because of this unease, so people trying to buy handgun ammo online, for their storage purpose that may help them in long terms.

  1. New Guns in the Hands

It has been nearly precisely one year since the COVID-19 issue completely engulfed our nation, and the United States has gained an additional 8 million gun owners. That is not a misprint! Do you need some perspective? That would be the equivalent of selling one new gun to every man, woman, and kid now residing in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston combined. That translates to a large number of new gun owners as well as a large increase in demand for ammunition. Mostly peoples buy handgun ammo online. As reported by, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) of the Federal Bureau of Investigation had 4,691,738 checks started in March 2021, the greatest number of checks conducted since the system was founded in 1998. When compared to the NICS total of 3,709,562 in March 2020, this is a 25.2 percent increase, and it is just the second month in which the 4-million milestone has been broken.

  1. Issue with the chain supply due to Pandemic

Before the COVID-19 epidemic, buyers had the option of buy handgun ammo online if they were unable to get supplies from their preferred American brands. However, because of the continuing epidemic, foreign supply lines have been affected, resulting in a 34 percent decrease in ammunition shipments into the United States.

Imported ammunition that does make it into the United States takes longer than typical to arrive, with dealers reporting shipment delays ranging from 6 to 12 months. It has been difficult to import enough ammunition to compensate for the inability of local producers to keep up with the growing demand for ammunition as a result of the damaged supply chain.

  1. Import Restriction for Ammo

Another element contributing to the ammunition scarcity is the government’s imposition of ammunition import restrictions. Currently, the United States government has imposed sanctions on Russia, which prohibit buy handgun ammo online from the country. In addition, the United States has prohibited the entry of ammunition and guns from China, Iraq, and a number of other nations.

What the Great Ammunition Shortage Says About Inflation

  1. Shortage of raw material

Copper is one of the most important raw elements used in the production of bullets. Nevertheless, as a result of COVID-19 and other causes, American ammunition producers are confronting a copper scarcity. According to Chris Metz, Vista Outdoor’s CEO, the company’s ammunition manufacturing facilities have been vying for copper with electric vehicle firms and the United States Mint, among other entities. Vista Outdoor Corporation is the parent corporation of ammunition brands such as Remington, Federal, CCI, and Speer, among others.

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