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Just how easy is it to buy a gun over the Internet?

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A customer who buy a gun online from the internet of a Federally Licensed Firearms dealer (FFL), such as the one operated by Buds in Kentucky, cannot simply input their credit card and shipping address and have the firearm delivered to their home. Instead, the vendor will ship the pistol to a local Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), who will then conduct a background check on the buyer before handing over the firearm. In most circumstances, the local FFL will impose a transfer fee, which is often between $25 and $50, to cover the costs of processing the transaction.

These restrictions apply to vendors who have brick and mortar stores, such as Bud’s, as well as sellers that conduct all of their transactions online, such as Grabagun, which is situated in a Texas industrial park and does not have a physical storefront.

Buy a gun online is not as hard as you think, and it is not a “loophole” for criminals. Instead, buying a gun online is completely legal under federal law (some state/local laws have extra regulations), and it is a completely safe process, too.

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Forget about the so-called “gun show loophole,” which is a myth. This is especially true in light of the large number of firearms sales that take place online these days. Organizations such as Mayors Against Illegal Guns have long asserted that online gun sales allow some illicit buyers to avoid background checks — which are intended to keep guns out of the hands of convicted felons and mentally ill individuals. But, precisely, how do these internet purchases take place? Moreover, what kind of legislation has been proposed?

Here’s a basic rundown of how things currently operate. There are three fundamental ways in which internet sales might suffer a decline:

1) First and foremost, if you attempt to purchase a handgun over the Internet from one of the approximately 130,000 federal guns licence holders in the United States, you will be subject to a background check, period. They’ll arrange for the pistol to be sent to your local licenced dealer. There isn’t a loophole in this case.

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Additionally, if you wish to buy a gun online from any vendor in another state, they will not be able to just send the gun directly to you. The Gun Control Act of 1968, with the exception of antique guns, rigorously bans the direct mailing of practically all firearms over state boundaries. Once again, the seller is required to transport the weapon to a federally certified firearms dealer. The buyer would then have to go to that dealer’s location, complete paperwork, and submit to a background check before being able to pick up the firearm.

3) However, there is a third alternative to consider. I may look at an ad made online by a private seller and then meet up with them in person to purchase the firearm. (There may also be certain circumstances in which the gun may be shipped inside the same state, however, this is not the case with handguns.) As a result, it would constitute a private transaction, and federal law would not need a background check – although some states may. Background checks are required for all private gun transactions in California and Rhode Island, and background checks are required for private handgun sales in 12 states.

Essentially, this third alternative is the same as if I had answered to a classified ad or posted a poster on an office bulletin board for a gun, except that the Internet makes these private transactions a little simpler to complete. The Justice Department discovered over 4,000 websites promoting weapons for sale at the time of the latest count, which occurred in 2000. Since then, it’s safe to assume that the number has increased.

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Currently, any private seller who sells a gun to someone who is unlikely to pass a background check because of their criminal past or history of mental illness is guilty of felony firearms possession and distribution. However, this is a difficult rule to execute — and it seems to be flouted at times as a result. When researchers from New York City conducted an undercover examination on in 2011, they observed that 54 percent of dealers they contacted were eager to sell their firearms despite the researchers specifically stating they “probably could not pass a background check.”

No one knows for certain, however, how many guns buy online in the United States are obtained illegally or used in criminal activity. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives do not track this. There is little hard evidence of criminality – for example, in February, Stephanie Mencimer of Mother Jones stated that “weapons bought via [] have been linked to the killings of four persons and one suicide.” There isn’t much more information to go on.

So what about the rules and regulations? This year, the Senate passed the Manchin-Toomey gun measure, which included a proposal to expand federal background check regulations to include all purchases made possible over the Internet, rather than simply interstate sales. If I want to buy a gun online on the internet and proceeded to purchase it from a private seller, both of us would be obliged to go to a federally registered dealer, who would do the background check and finalise the transaction on our behalf.

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When can you buy a gun for someone else?

You should look at the laws in both the state where you buy a gun online, as well as the state where you get the gun from. Buying a gun online for someone else is legal as long as state laws are obeyed, but it’s not a good idea. People get in trouble when they don’t follow the rules of one state. This is why.

When you buy a gun online for someone else, the state of Florida is very easy to work with. It doesn’t keep a record of guns, and no paperwork is needed to follow state law. Whether the gift is for someone in Florida or someone who lives outside of the state, this is true Most states, on the other hand, aren’t as kind. Keep in mind that the laws in your state and your town can be very different. Before you buy a gun online for a friend, make sure you read the laws carefully.

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